My name is Carla Maher and my husband and I live in a Mid-century modern house north of New York City. Our home has a wonderful story; one we did not know about when we fell for it. We are finding out more and more about it’s history, which I will share here. More than that, with this site I hope to explore, celebrate and share my enthusiasm for Modernism in architecture, design and art;  through my own lens.  

A veteran of the fashion industry, I have always been interested in the stories behind design and creativity. Whether it be an interesting building, a beautifully made piece of furniture, striking or thought-provoking art, I have always wanted to understand how it came to be. Curiosity has not killed this cat, in fact it has taught me so much.  I consider myself a modernist and some might say minimalist. The modernist in me likes timeless, purposeful design. I’m not sure if I would categorize myself as minimalist, though I do have a definite need for open or empty space at home. I prefer one well considered thing to many things I do not find meaning in, and tend to shy away from trends. I believe both in better living through design and craftsmanship with soul.  

It is inspiring for both my husband and I to be able to experience first-hand how a thoughtfully designed home, appointed with furniture and objects that are both considered and meaningful, can draw focus to the things that matter - the company you keep and the nature that surrounds you..